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In February, 2019, Lisa Mulrooney was appointed Poet Laureate of Stony Plain, Alberta. To honour the relationship between Stony Plain and its twin town, Shikaoi (in Hokkaido, Japan), Lisa took it upon herself to learn more about Japanese poetry and haiku in particular. Haiku are traditional Japanese verse forms that feature images condensed into short, 17-syllable (or less) poems. There are many variations of the form and, for this collection, Lisa experiments with a number of those variations. Sometimes, her haiku include 17 syllables exactly; at other times, she takes liberties, often condensing the form further. The juxtaposition of two images (placed side by side for effect) in these poems creates a satisfying space for the imagination to engage with deep contemplation.

This document was compiled by Lisa Mulrooney, Vera Contantineau and Josephine LoRe